Clinic Prep. NYC and ’70s Heavy Metal

So yeah, a new virtual Zoom clinic tomorrow evening…this ones different.

I usual do this with my Running Room providing my support….a platform, tomorrow, it’s flying without a net….

It began with me posting this on one of my many Facebook groups

(2) Why not a Warren’s virtual clinic..if I do this will anyone come? | Facebook

and, well..people started say hell yes…..

It’s going to be an offseason about everything maybe 10 weeks, maybe forever……so today’s job, one of the jobs, clinic prep for day 1.

It’s New York Marathon eve….that’s tomorrow morning…..who’s idea was it to have a marathon on the morning of a time change?…yes I did it on 2009, the morning after Halloween in New York City, and after setting those clocks back 1 hour….so, less sleep…..but I did it, it wasn’t the fastest I ever ran, but seeing all the Buroughs of New York City in one morning was worth is…the tunes, the live music through Harlem, Marcus Garvey Park was worth the 26.2 miles…..

I’ve only been to Gothem twice in my life…I was lucky enough to be there in the spring of 2001….

from the top of the World Trade Centre…….I keep thinking of that day…..eating at a coffee shop across the street from Brooks Brothers, going up those elevators to the top, walking along the catwalk at the top and seeing someone on the edge welding…..going back to the bottom, asking a cop how to get to the subway…..having a hot dog on the street right across the street, and wondered, have always wondered, were all the people I saw that morning, were they there?……scary thoughts, sad thoughts…..

now to fun stuff….this….the 70s, the time when heavy metal, the new age of heavy metal was the thing..everything was loud…a song, loud stick goes boom….Krokus!

I think this was them opening for Cheap Trick……man I was close….never worse ear plus….imagine a sledgehammer hitting your chest…actually this might have been opening for Motorhead….

I think they were Swedish of something……and loud…

I remember driving home from work one night, parking our car in the garage, my wife going out to get groceries, I’d forgotten to turn the CD player down..she started the car, and BOOOOOMMMMMM….woops?

Anyway, now to get back to work

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  1. I really enjoy heavy metal whenever I listen to it but I’ve never really gone out of my way to explore the genre so thanks for sharing Krokus on here because now I have another metal song I like.

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