So what if???

Just finished binge watching this two season series….not bad. it was okay, but it makes you think.

If say, the world was about to end. Say You knew that a planet ending rock, an asteroid was going to impact the planet in 5 hours…….what would you do?

Yes we’re all eventually going to die…..but what if this was the senario?

I’m going to have to sleep on this…..but, well, that would be the difference, you wouldn’t have that luxury….what would you do? what would you say? who would you say it to?

Would you hold hands with someone, hug someone….try to contact someone?…..

You would only have 5 hours. Is that even time to think? it would have to be a reaction, an automatic action….

So, why wouldn’t you do that one thing now?…Say that thing now? Make that connection now without impending doom?

Again, we never know when we’ll pass on. Even those on that death bed, with so many days, hours, months, don’t know the exact moment……and if you didn’t say those final words, say you loved that one person, you wouldn’t have a second chance.

I wonder, how many regret not doing that……someone important to you, leave the house to go for groceries, is there a guarantee they’ll come back? What if?

Again an okay series, but it makes you think….and maybe, act?

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