Towards the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon

This is where training for a spring half marathon gets tricky……the temperature outside my window is a balmy -25C, with something called a windchill it’s supposed to feel like -36C, which is almost exactly -37C and almost the coldest place on the planet…….which means running outside is a challenge…

This is what my training plan for this week will look like this:

MondayOFFAfter 9 runs in 10 days, needed to recover…
TuesdayBike Trainer 1 hour 3K short run maybeMay try a short run later on, but at -37C, the risk of frost bite may keep me in-doors
Wednesday3K Run earlyIt may warm up, but have to do something
Thursday4K Run, swim 1200 meter swimIt’s supposed to warm up, and I need my head to hit that water
Friday5K RunMay add a short swim for recovery
Saturday5K Resolution Run and a 1 hour spinI turn 63, so yeah, gotta run…it’s a tradition…
Sunday7K long and effortlessTo finish the week off

I’ll modify as the week progresses….it’s still just building that base, and starting off the race specific 18 week plan on January 2nd, so next Monday…..

I know I should get in touch with running in-doors on a track or a treadmill……but will not do that. I hate being in-doors at the best of times, with this cold, those in-door tracks will be busy, and I’d have to drive – along with the cold and snow, the roads are pretty slippery, so if I have a choice, nah.

I don’t own a treadmill, and I’ve never liked running on them. Yes, it’s training, yes it’s a need to, but, well, boring….and dull, and I hate them.

I’m never going to knock people that use tracks and treadmills, I understand that need. I have friends that only train on treadmills and bike trainers to prevent injuries, but, well, I do this stuff for enjoyment, and if I don’t enjoy it, I won’t do anything….

I miss in-door group spin classes…they were fun, and the group was as important as the instructor…I do love my bike, and I can distract myself with YouTube videos and staring at ZWIFT….not all that exciting, but I do get some benefit, and it’s doing something..still boring…but at -37C, you do whatever you can do….

so this week’s goal?……just stay active, keep to a plan..and realize that the work will begin next Monday?

I will spend the rest of the week working on the 18 week plan……I do want to do as much cross training as possible. So Mondays will become bike and swim days……….possibly Wednesdays as well. My hill and speed day will be Thursdays, which will give me time to recover for long run Sundays…….and will probably add swimming as often as possible…..for recovery, for mental heath maybe…….weights and yoga?….there’s really not enough time in the day, but maybe once or twice a week, thinking Mondays and Fridays, to be consistant, will keep that foam roller handy as well…..

So today, Tuesday December 28th…….I’ll be on the bike right away for an hour……..and tonight, maybe a short run before dinner, but may make that optional….

And for the rest…..I have a virtual Learn to Run clinic up coming for the Running Room coming up soon, so will work on that curriculum, nailing down a few guest speakers, and I guess will lay out my 18 week training plan………..

and yes, I am looking forward to this hill!

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