I Hate Me

Yes, I’m pretty active on social media, and every so often someone reacts to something(s) I’ve posted and I feel okay, or just odd.

A while ago in one group someone said they liked my posts, and even though we’d never met, even though members of the same runners community, she said she’d like to someday run with me, because she thought it’d be fun…..

I’m not fun…I know that…..I’m more of a challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I like/love what I do..I like leading and following groups…I like running with others….I like sharing, but I also know that I’m odd, and not everyone’s cup of tea….I always seem to make a good first impression, then everything falls apart as time goes on..

Things at times seem to be going okay, but this stupid heat is dragging me down a bit today….I managed a noon 10K run…..even after a shower, I was still sweating……and it was hard, a hard hard run……..it would have been better to go out earlier, but because of a meeting I was kind of stuck with what I had……..I love the route, and maybe it was because I was on my own, on what would usually have been a rest day…..and I think from now on I carry my hydration pack, I ran low on liquid way too soon…….and maybe a 2nd gel would have helped…..but it’s done, I got outside and took care of a run…so as always, that strength is gained no matter what is done

that pace was not good…but it is what it is……it was a day where I didn’t even look at my pace or whatever…the only number on my watch is my heart rate, and then I look when I’m done…..

had a little altercation with someone who thought he owned the road I was running on…there has to be an asshole at some point….it seemed the further over I moved, the more to the right he drove, it looks like he was trying to aim…..there’s no excuse for that….

I also ran in a shoe I seem to be trying to make work…the Altra Paradigm….I still question the lack of cushioning and if that’ll work for me…but, well, I noticed that at the start of the run, not so much after about 2K….but, yeah, my left foot ended up pronating way too much…I can feel that in my big toe even now, almost 3 hours after the run..

my goal is to run this route until I actually get to see a train go over that bridge……kind of scenic….

Now to get back to the books…I’ve a few weeks to learn all I could possibly need to know about anatomy……I’m starting to have second thoughts about all of this, I’m going to go through everything to the end of August, but am thinking this may take more than one shot…it’s been a long time since I have had to study anything, and my study strength, needs a little work


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