A Chill Saturday getting ready for a Long Run Sunday!

Quite possibly my favorite picture ever…good, good times…it was New Years Day I think 2018…..what an amazing group of friends. we all ran a fun (I think) 5K..and then did New Years Day brunch…….we’ve gotta do that again.

Seriously, the only reason I do this stuff…..social, seeing others do what I do, hopefully helping them catch what I’ve caught, the joy of running, doing rather than watching……

I run because, I like to run…….yeah, it’s be cool to qualify for Boston…but whatever, I do this because, well, I wanna

That’s all there is…yeah, going faster would be cool…..further, maybe a full on marathon in the spring…..can I run a marathon at 64? Or why not?

So, yeah, didn’t run yesterday, ’cause a rest date, didn’t run today, because, well, things to do…clean, paint, clean some more..

Tomorrow, we go long…heading for the river valley, with friends, for fun.

Is there more to life than running, and how long can I run……?

I do have goals, 2023, I’ve a few, I know I’ve said that before, but yeah, a Vancouver Marathon in May, May another in August……I was thinking of doing a leg of the Sinister 7 Ultra, bit now am not so sure…..would it be fun? Yeah, but I need priorities…..to set priorities….so nah…financially, I don’t see it….the way things are looking come May, I probably will no longer be working for the Running Room…..I guess I’m being shown the door, I’m not part of their futures plans, so will have to find something to fill that spare time…..

Kind of sad…..it’s been my happy place for 8 years, 6 as the boss, now, well, I’m not a part of that team…..oh well, gotta run

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