A Nice Sunday Afternoon…a slippery run?

Decided today, after procrastinating all morning…I needed to do something…and decided to leave the traction at home and take the good old Hoka Arahi 6s out for a spin….and then started picking out a route with lots of snow and ice, cause why be careful…yikes

They didn’t seem to make me any faster, though to be fair I took it easy whenever the trails or sidewalks looked a little iffy…..like this little down hill…Hokas arn’t skis…..

After this morning’s Zoom meet with my Half Marathoners…..our final class of this clinic..kind of sad, but a wonderful group..as usual I get as much out of teaching clinics as I hope those in it get from me….it’s always hard to tell…not all that register join in….lots just wait for the Zoom recording, but those that do join in are so cool…..from all over the country, and they listen and engage….

I’m feeling okay…a bit of a headache and a few sore spots this morning. It seems every so often when I push myself a bit that the old body tells me it’s still no happy with me….not sure if it’s the skull fracture ot the concussion reminding me that they’re still in my history, and maybe still an issue?

Tomorrow’s time for another 10+K……maybe a bit further to get me close to a 30K for the week…and then some strength training…..gotta keep that focus and that training and keep having fun….


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