Working on that collection. Book?

I guess on this day in 1993, I became a freelance writer?

Wow huh?……I’m trying to figure out how that happened…

I was volunteering at our local cable TV station…..Channel 10, where I began as a camera operator, and as usual, went above and beyond, started up my own program…videos, live music, and me…and then the local newspaper, Kamloops This Week, did a piece on me, and yes, my show (called Drawn to the Rhythm) and I asked, what would I have to do to write for that paper….’just write’… yep I did…

as my wife would say, ‘did they see what was coming’….

I ended up at the TV Station, basically doing everything all the time….producing, directing, digging up videos, book bands for live stuff off the floor, getting sponsorships, getting a license so we could actually show vidoes, going to record/music companies to get videos..and yes, working the cameras as well

It was a life..and then I started writing….between the two, I was able observe the 90s, the world of the DIY music scene I guess…I crossed paths with so many acts…for that day in 1993 into about 2000 something…I ended up covering things for the Chart Magazine

I basically covered the British Columbia scene…and then expanded after that…….I tried to keep myself to covering everything Canadian…..sometimes I would band I wrote up had a member who went to university in Montreal for one semester, so that was Canadian enough for me….and I would go beyond just music though

when we moved to Edmonton I just carried on writing…for See Magazine, I did a few pieces for Vancouver’s Georgia Strait, and I did one music review that popped up on Rolling Stone Magazine’s on-line site…the funniest part of that, that story, I didn’t know about it, one of my industry buddies tipped me off….that group of people at some point became my cheerleaders….

Whenever I travelled into Vancouver from Kamloops, I would always stop in at least at two or three spots to visit with music reps, from EMI….Nettwerk, Sony….there were two, A&M and Polygram had offices just across False CReek from Granville Island, so I’d stop and see them, just to hang out, and they became friends……sure, interviewing Chris de Burgh, Sarah Mc, and others was cool, but I liked the industry stuff more….and sure, I liked being on TV at times….

I’m not sure why all this ended…busy with ther things……..had other things going on….

the world has changed so much since, my life…now I’m a runner, and a bunch of other things….

and now I’m digging through the archives to see if I can piece that life altogether in a narrative that others could follow…do I just blog, um, maybe a self published thing…..well, first step, get organized right?


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  1. Wow, that’s really cool. Yup, the first step is always organising. Although writers tend to be very disorganised by nature. At least that’s what I tell myself lol.

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