41 to 64

This morning……..I skipped another blood test….WTF?

I hate blood tests, I do usually just walk in and get them done, and that was the plan this morning….wake up, drive to the collection site, get it done and done…….

Should have been simple and quick, just do it, fast over night, have breakfast afterwards……but nope not today.

I’m not really sure about the why…..this is a follow up thing, so maybe it’s because of that? I have no impending health things I’m worried about…yes I do have an enlarged prostate, but no cancer, no signs of cancer….my cholesterol is fine….actually I’m fine…..running and training is fine, I’m seeing a physio for a couple of angry knees, but, yeah…..

I’m starting to worry about getting older, which is new…..up until now, being 64, and closer to 65 hasn’t bothered me….

Not sure what has changed, but, yeah…a few more grey hairs, a few more lines…taking a little longer to recover…and am starting to watch my diet a bit closer……

Today’s only plan is to make my way to a lunch time spin class…..maybe some strength training this evening….some things around the house, maybe rewatch last night’s Elton John concert in Disney….and well

ask me what I do and I’ll tell you I just get older?


42 to 64

A good day…a pretty sweet morning.

A Sunday run is always great..up early, a quick glass of something, get a group together, and go for a run…

Not far, an easy 7K, with a pretty substatual hill half way through……and we began with a group of 10!

A perfect run club run, I think some are getting it; we all start and finish at the same place, but some go quicker, some slower……some longer, we went shorter…..a real Run Club.

and it was warm…..I guess that’s why those Brooks tights are showing a little skin……I as usual was the slow poke in the crew, the other two stronger and quicker……I maybe should have gone a bit further, but I didn’t have the speed, and I had other plans.

Strength train after on a Sunday morning felt right, and good…

I’ve always wanted to add this, just a few exercises, maybe 30 minutes, but I was always worried that the gym would be too busy.

Not this morning…..the gym was almost empty…..so leg press, a bench on the smith machine, leg curls, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, seated rows, and a few arm curls and done…..south have done a few lunges and maybe deadlifts, but what I got done was good….

My knees are still and issue…..I’m hoping the week of core and leg work, and another visit to the physio on Friday will help with that….

Otherwise, fitness wise I feel okay….mental things, a few life issues are worrying me…the future, family things, aging parents, handicapped adult kids, and living on a fixed pension/income….what will that mean going further.

I do want to find a way to make more $$$$…..working at the store is fine, but my availability is not always that great, and well, our hours have just been cut….maybe I’ll take up delivering newspapers or something….but yeah, life is okay, comfortable, what’s the future hold?

44 days to 64..how many hours are there in a week?

How tough can it be to split up 3 runs, 3 swims, 3 spins, 3 strength training sessions and stretching?

Even though I’m retired, have a lot of free time to myself, every week I spend so much time trying to figure out how to fit anything in.

Also being a dad, a husband, an employee (yeah, not really retired) and for some reason always busy.

Sundays are my day….take out the pen and paper, figure out what goes where….and plan week by week.

And, I like to sleep….

And now Christmas?

And even though, semi-retired, it seems like I’m always working at something…..

Simple tasks too….like getting a blood test (I keep putting that off)…and my flu and COVID shots….where and when…..

And why did I decide to start paiting the interior of the house…wall by wall!?

Today was a busy waste at the store, selling shoes……

After, didn’t have the energy to go for that run…..but, well, there’s always tomorrow.

Tonight, tired, I know there’s a busy day ahead, a busy weekend, and will I train….got to, hope to, need to


45 days to 64…..

a rest day….a forced rest day?

A day when I had a ton of other things to do….the body said, relax, so I did.

Not really…a lot of work to do around the house, stuff to do….and yeah, it’s been a busy week….

Some days, you just need to recharge….

And well, our house apparently have mice…so I guess I need to find a cat?

Tomorrow, back at it……

The weather has, I think, has arrived….not a lot of snow (that scares me) but a little colder.

The lack of rain anywhere is kind of terrifying. Most of this end of the world is really scary dry, so running doesn’t seem that important.

Parts of Africa havent had rain for 2 years, most of the places our country gets food from in the last year has either floods, has

drought or both, or is on fire, or has been………so that’s frightening…

The cost of living, because, well, limited food, oil and diesel and gas is apparently are in high demand but not a lot of supply,…..so that’s scary…things don’t look good.

So if I didn’t train today……..not the worst thing…

Maybe a good sleep will make everything better….maybe no…I’ve gotta run at some point tomorrow, I’ve also got a weekend of running as well…….but, well, thinking about a lot of things…….maybe it’ll rain?

46 to 64…another wonderful evening….

Another great run with our Running Room crew…..seems our Edmonton group is on a pause for the winter; their lost is our run, two more joined up this evening……

we hit the trails, I mapped a route with a few hills, one big one, and hey, 5+K all great.

I feel kind of amazing right now…..it’s been a super busy but good….things seem to be going well…3 run club runs every week, it seems like 2 seperate groups, but they all seem to be taking part in all three runs…so all good, the more the better, merrier…

Two virtual clinics….the Learn to Run about to end this month, the Haf Marathon crew is well into our 4th week….tons of topics covered…guest speakers, me….all amazing.

This week I’ve really made my focus strength..seems my core is weak, so lots of squats, leg presses, planks, leg raises, deadlifts..lots of strength training……according to my physio that’ll help the knees.

Clinic wise, women’s issues….it’s weird, odd, or just not right….I’ve been been inloved with run clinics for almost 26 year, and one subject never brought up, women!…….

There ae so many issues that should always be considered, cycles, nutrition, hormones… injuries, footwear….and now, more and more, clinics are filled mostly with females…..also, a lot of what applies to female runners/athletes, also applies to men..and the coolest thing, women have changed this all from the lone runner, only fast runners, they’ve made ths more social, more interactive, more connection…women are more involved in using networking to an end……it’s made what we do as huge….

This life has become comfortable….I have to spend and do more family stuff…Christmas is going to be busy, and social with friends and family…..but yeah, is this is what retirement is going to be? or what being 64 is going to be, but either way, the ride is fun……weeeeeeee

47 days to 64…livin’ the dream…

I cannot believe how much I seem to have…….is it because I’ve taken a dive into training?….Staying active…..yesterday’s run and strength training was amazing, I felt so good and positive afterwards….the run felt great, even Holy Hill…and the I bopped into the gym, and even the hardest weghts felt good…

and then today….and morning of spin and a little strength training, very little, I just had a few minutes to kill before the spin class…

so did some arms, and then time to ride….I did a little more standing on the peddles than my knees liked, but 45 minutes of feeling great…..I need more of that…..it just clicked, and the morning felt so good….positive….

The tonight…..hit the streets and trails with our night Run Club….

Tonight’s run was also fun….under the stars…thought we were a little quicker, but it felt so good…….

Hopefully I can keep this going…..tomorrow the weather’s supposed to change, getting colder……but, well, I’ve some spare time, gotta make everyone of those 47 days count.


49 days to 64…

Trying to make every day count…..today the morning began with a 7K run and a visit to the gym to pump iron, and I had a blast!

I skipped yesterday’s/Sunday’s run (I was tired, I needed to sleep in)…so today was it…

It was a great fun run…long-ish, effortless……..there was a nice hill to climb, and I did a little exploring and mapping out a variation of an old route…

Did I say it was warm….I did kind of over dress…..my handydandy Peregrine Ice+,

socks by Brooks, my fave Brooks tights

, an old NYC Marathon long sleeve

, my New Balance Jacket

(which was overkill) a BUFF

around my neck and a Brook’s Run Happy head covering (we call them toques)…..I warmed up pretty quickly…

Yes, that mustache is starting look way to grey, I’m growing it for Movember, don’t think it’ll last past the end of the month….

It was a beautiful morning…

After I managed to crawl into my gym, the Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club (SVAC) and had a blast!

I had planned to just do some leg work – leg press, leg curls, leg extentions, calf raises – but them well, benches looked good, so added chest, shoulders, back, some core work….gotta strengthen that core..apparently that’ll fix, or help fix my knees….

The week begins well….tomorrow?

I’ve an early morning spin booked, an evening run in the dark under the stars…..in-between, my schedule calls for a swim, but, well, we’ll see….I have a ton of stuff to do around the house this week…Christmas lights to put up…..and most of the local pools have been so busy, do I take a chance?

But the step towards 64 continues…

49 Days to 64. I want to coach. I want to get better

I want to focus……an odd time to think of this at almost being 64…..yes focus, but on what?

Or do I just keep doing what I’m doing?

If for no other reason, but I have the experience…….I’ve done a lot of stuff, learned a lot of stuff just by doing….

I keep learning and relearning……now I want to be certified, not sure why, but I want that….how, how long would that take, can I and should I?

I keep looking at where I’ve been, what I’ve done…where do I want to go, and can I?

My mind is flying off in so many different directions….do I want to run marathons, half marathons? Is 2023 a return to triathlons….do I focus on what?……do I just run, aim on that goal race…..

Tomorrow’s Monday……I have a knee issue to work on….I can still run, I want to swim, bike, work on my strength training…but I always seem to want to focis, tomorrow?


Make the focus the run….I can do that….and I do that, while still biking, swimming and cross country skiing. Strength training too.

I’m really going to have to work on scheduling, a training plan, my training plan….but also, my Run Clubs, my Run Club training runs, my virtual clinics…..reading, listening, learning on top of all of that…..spare time?

My focus, right now, the BMO Marathon on May 7th

The scary thing is, while I’m tying this, it’s like my head is multi tasking…..trying to figure out how to do this all tomorrow…

Yes, I want to run 10K…my schedule says to make up for not doing anything today, tomorrow will be my long slow/effortless run…but I also need to do strength training, or do I leave that for Tuesday?…….tomorrow would work though….I’ve got a spin planned for Tuesday as well as a run…..but when will I swim?

MONDAY NOV 14THRun 10K LDSStrength
TUESDAY NOV 15THRun 3K Tempo + SwimSpin and strength 1 hour
WEDNESDAY NOV 16THRun 4k TempoStrength
THURSDAY NOV 17THRun 3K Steady + SwimSpin 45 minutes
SUNDAY NOV 20THRun 10K LDSStrength

This is what I’ve got for this coming week so far…..there’s a lot to work on, to figure out…I think next Sunday I’ll look back and see what works and what doesn’t……I have to add flexibility, and do I cut out some of the runs….if I hadn’t skipped the run/today’s run, tomorrow/Monday would have just been a strength day…..I’m sure if or when swims will happen..it seems a lot of pools are closed or are really really busy, or far away….and well, family, work, I need to take a blood test, that may be Friday….I’ve got to fit life, and I’m going to go back to the studying and reading and getting certified…..so a full life for the forseeable future…

The marathon is the goal, the midpoint may be a Half Marathon in February…..but yep, time to become, well, me, and more focus.

A trip down memory lane, Vancouver Half in 2000…

I have absolutleny no memory of this race………I don’t even recognize those shoes…I’m thinking New Balance something, love those shorts, and I know that’s an all cotton t-shirt, because in 2000 there wasn’t a lot of technical stuff out there…

I remember the training leading up to it, and the why…..thinking I may remember where I stayed (the Vancouver YWCA on Beatty Street across from BC Place Stadium, that finish line was on the other side of the stadium….this was the older Vancouver route, start and finish were at the same place, I seem to remember that you didn’t get your finishers t-shirt until you finished..and you had to line up for that….which I kind of think was good…I hate getting a finishers t-shirt in before you even do the race…….

I guess I’m digging into this because of the finish time…I have no idea how I was that, well, for me quick…a 1:51 half marathon right now would be a dream……..I know I just did short walks at the aid stations…..because at that time we were told we needed to hydrate a lot…..now I know different…..I know the route involved crossing the Burrard Bridge a couple of times, at least I think it did?…but am I thinking of the BMO Vancouver Full in 2004?…….I’ve run in Vancouver so often (I love the place!)…every race seems to merge into one……if my finances work out, I may make many trips this year … travelling is no longer cheep, and Air B&Bs have gotten expensive…but, well, it’s still Vancouver..

Yeah, 4 years later, the same shorts….same shoes???…and OMG those socks?….will talk about this race in the days ahead..it was special…..was I old enough to shave?

Anyway…yep, it’s time to look ahead to 2023….after a seriously busy day that didn’t involve any edurance training, unless indoor painting, and cleaning up a storage room (I did have to move a huge freezer, and scrub the floor) is considered training….

I’ve got to add some more strength training to my daily routine…my knee problems are apparently due to a weak core, so some body weight repetitions, I’m going to start making love to my foam roller, will attempt body weight squats, will add some leg curls, leg extentions..and lots of planks to my routine….balance, strength….and first goal of 2023, the BMO Vancouver Full Marathon in May…….so have to work on everything…

remembering my first attempt, Okanagan marathon 1998..

I don’t have any pictures from this failed attempt….a May long weekend in 1998….

The second last time this event, the Okanagan Marathon weekend was help in May…..

I wasn’t a virgin, I’d run the Edmonton Half Marathon the year before, I think my time was something like 2:05…..so I thought I was ready….

The problem…training huh?……I spent an entire winter never running more than maybe 20K…maybe….

On the flight to Kelowna, I spent the entire flight looking over my training journal trying to justify my training, or lack there of……

but, it’s my first attempt at my first marathon, what could go wrong?

I hate to admit it now, so many years later, I hated Kelowna……it was just a big city with buses, spread out, busy and this weekend it was busy…the Hells Angels were actually in town for a convention….they spent the night using main street as a racing strip….right below my hotel window.

My diet the night before was all wrong too….pizza, and I think I had a coke while watching a NHL playoff game……

Yep, missed the pasta party…..because, like I said, it was being held in some far away random part of the city…and I couldn’t get there…..

The start, actually three quarters of the run felt fine…..quite a wide ranging route…I thought I knew a lot of Kelowna, BC, but not this…..fields, some residential…..had Jeff Galoway at the bottom of one of the hills cheering us on which was kind of cool..

I was running with a few friends at the beginning, but then I fell way off the pace…….

I actually, considering did okay….I pulled out at mile 20, my time was about 3:30…..yep, dry heaving, not feeling great…got to an aid station, told the volunteers, got a ride back to the start/finish line in an EMS van…saw some of my crew on the way back..and then wandered around the finish line before heading back to the hotel room…….the worse feeling ever….

A DNF….in my first marathon……that sucked big time. You know you weren’t ready, but, could I have at least walked the final 6.2 miles?…..Should I have…it was my first marathon……I don’t know…all I know/knew was that I never wanted to feel like that again….so, as soon as I got home, I registered for another Full, in my home town of Edmonton in August…..and I would have crawled if I had to finish……and well, I finished.

that’ll be the next story…..now to get back to racing towards 64….