A Nice Night with the Crew, another crew

the coolest thing is that I get to do this stuff…just run, sell shoes, organize and lead two different run clubs on 3 different days….volunteer and help with local races…..life us pretty good…

Yesterday, the Sturgeon Valley Run Club, one run group, one run club, that the club let’s me organize and lead from their facility. Today, the Running Room gave me a Wednesday evening crew to organize and lead, that was tonight, another 20 runners, various abilities and paces, and yeah, another great evening.

Life is pretty good, actually really good….every day, is just really good….I’m able to run….I can work out, biking and swimming are in my immediate future….I’ve got my virtual clinic to look after, and lead, virtually…..I’m sleeping well, eating well…..all’s good…..a life well lived.

I’ve races coming up, I’ve got 3 runs a week to look forward to……

Another night, another Run Club run

A good evening Run Club run, another 8 folks out for another fun 5K.

I love that part….taking a group of people, some experienced, some new, some quick, some quicker, some a little slower – ME – and all looking forward to a little fun…..so, the route I ran yesterday morning, became our route for this evening….and I wanna say that we enjoyed ourselves.

Slowly, this group has been building up, hopefully it continues to….but, it’s what I love doing, making it social, keeping it fun and relaxed……and yes, a social fun run…it’s still exercise, getting fit, but enjoying life as we do it…fresh air, and yes the joy of Warren making it all up as we go along…

A someone said tonight near the start, a typical Warren run…..run over a small hill, through the trees, and find a new path….we met a couple of friendly puppies along the way……and explored, and for the most part stayed off of pavement….

I managed to finish with an average pace of around 6:30 per K, which for me is stupid quick…….and I still couldn’t keep up.

The best thing, I benefit as well, I get stronger/quicker just trying to keep up…and because I’m the only one that knows the route…they always have to come back to my group to find out where the next turn is….so all good.

I know, for me, it’s a struggle to run every day, and maybe with yesterday’s run, and tonight’s, tomorrow evening may be a challenge..but, again, it just makes me stronger….and who knows, maybe a I can add a spin on the bike and a few swims over the next few days…training, recovering, active recovery…and getting better all the time


how did I get so old and why does everything hurt?

that’s a lot of lines……Alice Cooper was right…..

After the disaster that was Sunday, today was alright.

The back is still an issue…..but hit the weight room, and then a 6.5K run at a 6.5 per K pace….and I survived

Found a trail I hadn’t run on before, but sort of always knew was there….it was sweet, off pavement have to always love that

It was flat, but sort of single track, and again, not paved, not a sidewalk

That all made for a good morning

I’ve got to figure out what the back ache was all about…I covered myself with some Peppermint Halo courtesy of something I got from Sage years ago…not sure if that was what worked, but I feel okay…just, you know how a scraped knee feels, that’s what part of my back feels like right now.

I have no idea where that pain came from, and yes I have felt it before…I thought it was an old injury, but I’ve never had an injury heal that quickly……hopefully it doesn’t come back.

The next goal…this weekend, volunteering at a race, doing package pick up, working a hydration station, and then I guess July 1st, a 10K in Edmonton, on Canada Day……..

A Half Marathon in August, and a full or a half somewhere in the fall….Victoria sounds good, a good place to return to, but, will there be something in Vancouver, Banff maybe….

hopefully the weather smartens up, it’s cold, windy….today a jacket, courtesy of Brooks, an old Race T-shirt, my fave Brooks tights and my ASICS Nimbus shoes…but, I need to start wearing shorts…t-shirts and sun screen….SOON!

Gotta Get Smarter and Better

I know the issues, I know what I need to do, and I need to get better at what I do.

lose the fat around my belly…..strengthen my back, my hamstrings and pretty much everything else

and eat, sleep and drink better…..

So…I’m going to give the 75 Day Hard yet again……..the gym happens starting again tomorrow…i need to bring back running, swimming, biking, and spin classes and everything I can…walks with Sasha, and yes, eating well

I have to remember that the back is vulnerable……my weakest link, and so am I…..

so, tomorrow…..

Back pain stopped the run

before it started really….

felt okay this morning….went to my SVAC (Sturgeon Valley Athletic Club) for this morning’s run club, there was only 5 of us, 3 really quick people, 2 not so much…….I felt okay, but as soon as we crossed the street and began to run…I took maybe half a dozen steps, and my back just seized, severe pain, both sides, and I couldn’t get rid of it, and I seriously could not run/move…so I bailed…which really sucked…this is my group…but, must be an old guys problem?…looks like all did the planned 10K and beyond…which was so cool….

I was able to walk/hobble back to my car….decided to drive for a bit, I guess to see if the pain would go away, I drove into the Edmonton River Valley, drove into the parking lot at the Kinsmen, and, well, just getting out of the car hurt..there was no way I was going to be able to run….so just drove home…

It just hurts every time I move…and even just taking a deep breath……

To the couch it is….a heating pad, I’ve rubbed some pain cream on it…hopefully a quiet day, a good sleep tonight, and I’ll be good to go tomorrow…..but where did that come from?

This stuff actually worked!..I think…I didn’t think it would, this bottle actually expired last year, but the back actually feels okay right now, so maybe the Perskindol did the trick…I didn’t take any regular pain killer…so maybe…I’ll have to remember this moment the next time……a wonder drug…or was it the 15 cups of coffee??

I know I’ve had this pain before, a long time ago…I just cannot remember how it cured itself?..it was a result of moving furniture by myself – yes I know I should have known better – and I remember being in such pain that no position, even lying down, helped…..but not a great morning…

I have to hope for a better tomorrow…..and wish this is something that’ll not be on-going..being on the couch is not where I need to be this coming week..I’ve got a lot on my table

I just heard this…stress is us resisting life……wishing for or wanting something you don’t have..and seriously right now, life rocks, except for today……stress comes from not appreciating what is……so I have to keep reminding myself of that…

The pain is gone, I’ve got a pretty good week planned….so, yeah, not resisting life, so that’ll be the plan for this week….


Brooks Brooks and recovery!

yeah, this is a down morning….

one of the only things I seem to need as an older person is rest and recovery..some morning’s it’s forced. If you’re too sore to get out of bed, maybe that’s a sign….so today, those chores I’ve putting off, and, well feel okay about that.

And yes, I’ve been adding to my shoe collection……I don’t know why I explore other shoes, because I always seem to go back to this shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline.…this is the Adrenaline GTS 22…I used to think that the GTS stood for Go To Shoe, but now it’s Go To Stability, but I find word kind of a misnomer, whenever people think of stability they think of the standard medial post support that some shoes have, but Brooks stood the concept on it’s head (and I see other brands, ASICS for instance, are following that lead)…their stability shoes guide rather than force, which is probably why they work so well…also I over pronate on one foot, and under pronate on the other….and this as well as the ASICS Nimbus 24 address that same issue/issues…..I want to say that the HOKA ARAHI 6 does as well, but, well, it’s close…

As someone that sells shoes, under pronation/supination has always been a challenge, because no shoe really addressed people with higher archers….we used to just say, take a neutral shoe and hope for the best….

I just used my ASICS at the BMO Vancouver this past weekend, and I like the bounciness, they felt sweet, but at one point I could feel the over pronation putting pressure on that big toe….this week, tested out these Adrenalines, no issues…..so great..

Not saying the other two aren’t sweet shoes…the only issue with the HOKA is what happens whenever you put stability into a shoe, you end up losing some of the cushioning, and with this edition, I really noticed that….I’m going to give the HOKA BONDI carbon fiber shoe just because, everyone should have something with carbon fiber in it, and a $300 shoe, why not?

The weekend looks sweet……running, Run Club….maybe swim and a spin on the bike….and well, maybe some yard work?

Today was much needed though…rest, recovery……and a chance for a bit of re-set..and seriously lots of work on this lap top………tracking down guest speakers, lots of emails, chats….all good…

that’ll give me lots of time to just play !…and I guess it’s time to figure out what comes next…….I was planning on a Victoria full marathon in the fall after a really active summer…but, well, maybe?


Planning Day by Day

Oh boy, I have a day off tomorrow!!!?…..

One day…really, I have lots of days off this week, but tomorrow is a day when I have a ton to do…and have to try and squeeze in a work out or two….that’s life.

I try and squeeze things in always…..today, a long day at the running room store, so a bike ride to the store, a bike ride home, and a run club this evening..so that works…

Tomorrow? I just have to shuffle what’s important, what’s not, and what can wait…and if I don’t run tomorrow, I won’t have time until Saturday (OMG!)……I need to get into a pool, I need to get on the bike, and I want to do a spin class, and do some strength training…..grrrrr……

I’m still pretty worn out after Sunday, and the flight home yesterday….so, I’m thinking I may blow off the spin tomorrow, but, well, I’m thinking about it…I can do strength on Friday morning?…or do I bike to work?

It’s Thursday morning?……..yeah, I’m going to run…maybe swim..and then will use the afternoon to do the being a dad, a husband, and a son stuff done…….


Leaving Vancouver thoughts about a future?

This was over way too quickly…..arrived Friday, worked all day Saturday, ran and wondered around what I consider heaven until now…tomorrow, I fly away home…

I guess it’s time to choose a goal, but how about a goal of just keeping myself on track, enjoying life, I want to make this a summer of getting more social, more family stuff, more working around the house, spending time in the neighbourhood…….and to keep on with what’s feeling great…working the store, instructing clinics, and managing the two run clubs….that’s keeping me busy…

I seriously want to get better at what I do…this blog…focus more on stuff rather than just me….

and the clubs, the clinics, more active, more me…so some less me, some more…maybe coaching training, and at the same time training me……longer Sunday runs, more active throughout the week..pick up the pace with more hill repeats, some speed work…..running with my faster friends…..being consistent, and most of all, enjoying life…

‘m following Sarah McLachlan?

Life is pretty good…every day seems to feel good, every day better….

and every day is a chance to get better and better…

a few 10Ks to look forward to, a half marathon in August, and I am registered for a full in October, but?….it’d be nice to get back here as well…..so let’s see what’s happening in Vancouver at the same time….

the morning after; is there a wrong way to run?

So yeah, the race photos are starting to appear……and yes, you have to stop that watch!….it’s a chipped race, but you never know, it may be wrong.

it was a pretty uneventful 8K for me, start, run, finish…it was interesting…

I guess I’m the polite runner….I don’t know if I noticed this before, but runners, some, just do not pay any attention to what’s going on around them; I don’t know how many I was almost run over by, and then passed the same people later on…..the instant ‘I’ve gotta take a walk break right now in front of you” people…..and the, I’ve gotta race to that finish line now, even though, well, I guess it may be a PB, a PR or I heard someone say they had a PQ – what is that? —-

There was the issue with the delayed start…..there was a suspicious package found on the course before the half marathoners began – for this race, the BMO Vancouver; the half marathoners start before the marathoners, and the 8K starts in a different location, so we didn’t know why there was a delay, I didn’t until I got back to my AirB&B and watched the news….

To kill time waiting for the start, and what an amazing place to start a race, right in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, I started watching what others do before the start, and caught myself kind of questioning some of the routines, and wondered why?

You usually always se some stretching their quads at every race, even though we now know that stretching before is now thought to be a no no – there’s a danger of injury – but, do they stretch because they have to or feel they need to, or is it just a nerve thing?…….I say one person working on the Cs of his ABCs….I’m guess he did his butt kicks and high knees at another time, but it looked like a half hearted attempt, or maybe it was something he was told he should do, or he just thought it’d impress people if he did his warm up in such a confined space………most of us just chatted away, got to know our neighbours,and tried to stay warm….great running weather is not necessarily great standing around weather…..

Once we finally got going…lots and lots of people, there were a few pinch points where we’re all looking for that tangent on a curve or a turn, and bumping into each other…..it’s a wide enough rode people, none of us are going to win…but well, okay….

I thought I had a great race/run…but looking at some of the run photos maybe not?

why are my ams so high?………gotta try to correct that..and I seriously don’t look as happy as I felt?

A few other things I noticed……a lot of people toe striking?…..I’m not sure why I noticed that, I wondered, are they people trying to force themselves to mid-foot strike and feel like that’s what they’re doing?…usually toe striking is rare, so maybe it was something I was subconsciously looking for…

and really huge kick backs?…..I noticed that more in women runners more than the guys…is that a thing?

I’ve seen that before on training runs, there are certain people you don’t want to run to closely behind because of that…..

I often tell those in my clinics that there really isn’t a wrong way to run, you just run how your run, and you’re body usually figures out the right way to run for you…..problems really only start when you significantly try to change that gait quickly, or not over a long period of time with drills and exercises…..but, you wonder…and then I look at my race photos, I can pick out a lot of things that I would say are wrong…

my stride is a bit funky, my gait for sure…I pronate on one side, supinate on the other…no shoe really corrects that, and I’ve found no exercises either…it just is……I fractured a lower left fibula years ago that never heeled properly so that’s part of the issue, but the pronation on that foot I think is either gotten worse, or I just notice it more…so the search for that right shoe continues….tried the ASICS Nimbus yesterday, a great shoe, but I felt that yesterday…I’m going to test out my new Brooks Adrenalines this morning for a short run to see how they feel….both shoes have a kind of guidance system which is supposed to work with both issues, but yesterday, the ASICS didn’t quite work for the 8K, cannot guess how that would work with the half or full marathons…trails may be fine……so that search continues..

I kind of look better here…the stride looks okay….and I think that’s a smile..maybe it’s because I’m passing people?…

anyway, back to the Run Club in St. Albert tomorrow..and back to normal..now for a walk, or maybe a short run to get rid if this built up lattice aci

a pretty great morning….

A good day, a pretty good weekend…..yesterday, worked the EXPO for the running room for a solid 10 hours…selling Garmins, and then helping with the taking everything down, packing up and shipping out…

It was fun, and I liked it, lots of talking, connections, sharing…..but did take a lot of me, standing for 10 hours the day before a race…add that to my list of things not to do…

So shuffling to the 8K today, instead of the 1/2 marathon distance was a good decision….

Have to admit, there were few moments this morning I did think of sleeping in a just not running….but, hey, I’m here, the run is why I came all this way…and it’s 8K…and it was good..

Would I liked to have been quicker, 55.54..my pace 6:42/K was okay, and I enjoyed myself…so many other runners!!!……there were a few sections where the road was pretty clogged, a few more hills than I thought there’d be…but my heart rate stayed pretty calm, heard a lot of heavy breathing around me, I never actually did….my avg heart heart rate was 144!!!….I usually expect to see 157..so all good, and I felt good at the end

as usual the first thought in my head was, is that all there is……it wasn’t the half marathon, with that, I am disappointed, but there will be other runs, and I have to keep training…and it was a good morning…

I did take a few short walk breaks…but kept running a lot more, and it all felt, in the end, felt good.

right now, it’s 3PM PDST, and there are still marathoners finishing, I can see them from my AirB&B, the announcer is still giving his all – I can’t believe that the people in the neighbourhood are cool with this, but, well, it hasn’t happened for 2 years….

Not sure if this is a good thing or not…one gent came up to our Garmin table and started talking us, not very happy, complained a bit about Garmin, and mentioned his age, 63!…I almost mentioned that this face

is also 63……..do I look that old?…….I was kind of shocked, and even though it didn’t feel like I was looking in a mirror, was I?

So next?

I’ve got to do a Vancouver virtual 5K, so will get that done tomorrow morning….then a day of shopping, walking, hanging out, enjoying Vancouver……then flying home first thing, early, early Tuesday, I’ve got a wedding anniversary on the menu (36 years)…and a Tuesday evening run club to get done…I guess I better plan for all of that….and more.

There is a 10K planned for May 10th, I may end up volunteering at a hydration station for that instead, bt a 10K in July, a half marathon here in Edmonton in August….am thinking about a full marathon in Victoria in the fall…..but, I know there are a few more races here in Vancouver in the fall too, so will have to think about that…

But yeah, 8K, a fun run, something I registered for, a good pace, I’m comfortable with that..content